Friday, May 6, 2011

First words ...

My intention to create and write to this blog is just to give the internet something back that I got from it over the last years: information. Whenever I have a problem, the internet offers me a wide range of possibilities and solutions. Nearly all of them are free to me, so why not pay something back this way ?!

In addition, I want to offer some tools that I wrote in the past and write in the upcoming time. Maybe there are users that find them useful.

Just for information: English is not my native language, but I've chosen to write my blog in this language, as English has become the number one in the online world and most users are aware of it. Besides that, I assume that most automatic site translator software is happy with an English source.
So please be merciful if my posts are not 100% perfect English, I will try to enhance my knowledge :-)

Enjoy my blog,

PS: My nickname 'hobbit' originates to the early 90's, were me and many of my classmates became fans of J.R.R.Tolkiens work. As there is a tonal similarity to my surname they gave me this nickname. I adapted it by choosing the writing style 'hobBIT' to highlight my addiction to the digital world :)
The blog name BITtleEarth was just the result when searching for a world where real 'hobBIT''s would live in.

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